Here you can find all the important information you must know for our trips and cruises. We have collected the frequently asked question that our passengers have answered them. Feel free to have a look and if you still have questions let us know.

What are the destination stops included in the cruises ?

The first destination stops depends on which cruise you choose. When you start from Amaliapoli, the first stop is Skiathos port, and the second stop is in Koukounaries beach. For cruises starting from Skiathos the stops are altered and you can read the schedule of its trip for more information. Please note that the scheduling may differ due to weather changes and sea conditions.

When is the departure time and the arrival, and from which port?

Our cruises depart at 09:30 and arrive in Skiathos port at 11:30. Most of our cruises end at 19:30. Please note that arrival and departure times are only indicative and liable to half-hour deviations either way due to passenger delays, traffic in ports, and weather conditions.

Do we need to make a reservation?

Reservation is recommended to save your spot in advance. You can kindly book by filling out the booking form here or reach us by email or phone call.

What days do the cruises take place?

Our cruises are available daily throughout the summer months.

Are pets allowed on the cruises?

Yes, they are! You can bring your furry friends on board, but please make sure they are on a leash and respect other passengers