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Elisabet Cruises is a family-owned business lead by Konstantinos Demetriou as the captain of the naval. Together with his family, they began their naval tradition originally as fishermen in Volos, before branching to cruises in 1995. 




Our captain, Konstantinos, is experienced to accompany tourists sightseeing along the beautiful coastline of “Pilio”, to the traditional island of “Trikeri”, to the bay of “Nies” and the fishing village “Agia Kiriaki”. With more demand for sightseeing tours, Captain Konstantinos would extend to explore the Northern Sporades.

After getting to meet captains from larger tourist vessels during these excursions, he gradually developed the desire to acquire a professional vessel for safer and more comfortable voyages. Thus, in 1993, a wooden ship from Liberti, Kavala, was purchased and named after his spouse, "Elisabet" as a tradition.

Due to our experience and success of our excursions, in 1997, we purchased our second ship with a capacity of 250 guests, making it the cornerstone of our family company; "Elisabet Naval Company". Many different ships follow throughout the years, such as Grambousa, Elisabet III, and Sofia Star. Our current fleet includes Elisabet II, Elisabet-Demetra, Kapetan Kostas, and the new acquisition, Elisabet-Anna.

At Elisabet Cruises, our main goal is to fulfil our guests with utmost relaxation and continuously offer exciting memories for our guests to be included in a fun and unforgettable cruise of their life.

In 2021, our family company had accompanied travellers from around the world to come on board and sail the sparkling Aegean Sea with unforgettable moments to take home. Come join us onboard for a redefined cruise vacationing and explore the hidden beauty of The Northern Sporades with Elisabet Cruises!


Purchased in 1997, Volos Prefecture ship registry no. 671. She was built in 1993 in Thessaloniki. She is made from steel, has a length of 25m and a width of 7.10m. She has 2 MAN engines and her max speed is 12mi/h. She has a protocol, the capacity for 248 passengers.

Purchased in 2006 from Samos, Samos Prefecture ship registry no. 56. She was built in 1990 in Russia. She’s made from Elfatoria-type steel and has a length of 37m and a width of 7.50m. She has three engines, 2 DAEWOO and 1 VOLVO, and 2 generators. Her max speed is 14-15mi/h and the capacity for 241 passengers. Due to her speed, the ship is perfect for speedy transportation and long voyages.
  • kapetan KOSTAS

In January 2016, E/G-T/R Kapetan Geroantonis was added to our fleet. She was also built in Thessaloniki. She was renamed to Kapetan Kostas, Volos Prefecture ship registry no. 779. The vessel has a length of 41.50m and a width of 7.20m. She has 2 MAN engines and 2 generators. She has the capacity for 385 passengers and a max speed of 13mi/h.

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