Who We Are

We are a small, family-owned business, with Konstantinos Demetriou as owner, shipowner and captain of the naval company “Elisabeth Cruises”. Together with his family, his wife Elisabeth and their four children, Demetra, Anna, Panagiotis and Giorgos, they begin their naval tradition from the Pagasitic Bay near Volos originally as fishermen. It’s a Greek company based in Amaliapolis, a village in Magnisia prefecture a few kilometers from Volos.

Following in the footsteps of his parents and ancestors, after transforming the fishing boat “CAPTAIN PANAIS” into a tourist vessel in the summer months, Konstantinos Demetriou, or Tarzan as he’s called, used to take tourists out along the beautiful coastline of “Pilio”, to the traditional island of “Trikeri”, to the bay of “Nies” and to the fishing village “Agia Kiriaki”. With more adventurous groups, thirsty for adventure and an escape to nature, he would go to the northern Sporades.

After getting to meet captains from larger tourist vessels during these excursions, he gradually developed the desire to acquire a professional vessel for safer and more comfortable voyages. Thus, in 1993, a wooden ship from LIBERTI, Kavala, was purchased.
This ship was transformed from an anchorage to a tourist vessel with the capacity to bear 78 passengers, and was renamed from “Amalia” to “Elisabeth”, the name of his spouse, as is tradition.

Thanks to broadening our horizons every season and the success of our excursions, which have been in high demand both abroad and domestically, in 1997 came the purchase of a second ship with a capacity of 250 passengers. This ship was the cornerstone of the company ELISABET NAVAL COMPANY.

Many different ships follow, such as Grambousa, Elisabeth III and Sofia Star, but the current fleet is comprised of Elisabeth II, Elisabeth-Demetra, Kapetan Kostas and the new acquisition, Elisabeth-Anna.

Our children, having grown up on board ships and amongst our guests, have come to learn the trade and are preparing to take the reins of the business.
They are following in their parents’ footsteps in sailing tradition. The business has a bright future ahead of it!


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