Cruise Options

If you want a custom made cruise just for you, a cruise that may last one, two or more days, do not hesitate to contact us. The duration and the type of cruise is up to you. Just tell us what exactly you want and leave the rest to us.

Elisabet Cruise can organize private cruises for those who want to enjoy the beauty of these places in a totally discreet and absolutely comfortable way. Choose the beaches and the spots that you would like to explore. Enjoy the perfect leisure with just some relaxing music.

With our company it is also possible to book organized trips for school groups or associations.


Elisabet Cruises by night! Except for the daily cruises that we usually do we can also offer passengers the choice of a night cruise which is particularly popular for parties and events. Night cruises offer our passengers the possibility of having a good time partying in a different way and live a summer night full of smiles, fun, dancing and music.

Wedding and baptism on board! You can also choose to celebrate your wedding on board and make this special day unforgettable for everyone. We can take charge and organize such events in every little detail, with catering, orchestra and anything else you may wish for your special night. Also wedding proposals by various tourists happen a lot on our boats.

Birthday on board! Celebrate your birthday on board!

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