Excursion to Skopelos

Excursion to Skopelos

In the olden days, Skopelos was called “Peparithos”, from the name of the isles’ first king’s brother who was also the first settler of the region.
Skopelos is a traditional island, with sandly beaches and crystalline waters, lush with greenery that offers quiet and relaxing vacations, but also entertainment. It’s also famed for its traditional pites, aka the Skopelian pites.
Skopelos is the largest of the three main islands of the Sporades and is situated in-between Skiathos and Alonnisos. It’s also one of the most popular Greek islands, as its verdant and magical natural landscape make it stand out from the rest.
The island has an almost Hollywood vibe, as this is where the movie “Mamma Mia” starring Meryl Streep was shot! Since then, many couples have sought to be wedded in the small, mountainous church of Agios Ioannis, thus rendering Skopelos the Santorini of the Sporades.

Our schedule for the Skopelos excursion:

07:30 Begin boarding.

08:00 Departure from the scenic ports of Amaliapoli or Achilleio.

During our departure from port, we are inside the Pagasitic bay and are able to discern southeast Pilio, with the famous village of Trikeri and the fishing village Agia Kuriaki. We will traverse all of the south-east coasts of Pilio coast-to-coast in the direction of Skiathos’ north face and, after an hour’s voyage, we will make our first approach on Kastro, the old city of the isle which served as its keep. Here, you will be able to take photographs for 15 minutes, after which you’ll be able to enjoy the famed beach of “Lalaria”. Here, we will make our second approach on the beach that is the symbol of Skiathos and a marvel of nature, “Trypia Petra”, famous for its pebbles. As we leave Skiathos behind us, before us lies Skopelos, and we can admire the strange creations of nature’s strong winds. Before we reach Chora, we will make our third approach on the famed church of Ai Giannis, built on top of a boulder and an important part in the movie “Mamma Mia.” Here, you will have time to take photographs with the accompaniment of music from the movie.

11:00 Arrival at Chora of Skopelos.

Here, you will have free time to discover the traditional village, the amphitheatrically built Chora as well as the 40 scattered churches found within the city. Follow the route that begins at Panagitsa of Pyrgos at the edge of the port and, through the picturesque cobblestone streets, find your way to the isle’s castle. When you’re tired of walking around the city, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional food at various small taverns around the port under the mulberry trees. Try the traditional Skopelian pita!

14:30 Departure from Chora towards the beach.

Now that we’ve looked around the isle’s Chora, it’s time to discover the south face of the island, its wonderful beaches with their turquoise waters and the green lushness of the pine trees surrounding them. We will pass by the pebbled beach “Stafylos”, by a deep gorge called “Drakontoschisma” where, according to local legends, 800 years ago there lived a dragon that killed the townspeople until no one was left. Then, Agios Riginos, the patron saint and protector of Skopelos, hunted him down and, in order to save himself, the dragon dove down the gorge and died. Immediately after is “Amarantas”, a rocky cape with three curved pines which became famous due to the movie “Mamma Mia.” A little before we reach the beach for swimming, we can just discern a small port, “Agnonta”, the organized beach called “Limnonari”, the large breezeless bay called “Panormos” with its natural, heart-shaped port and, lastly, the “Milia” beach, with its small white pebbles and its characteristic boulders that emerge out of the sea.

15:30 Arrival at the “Kastani” beach.

Its beautiful, crystalline and deep blue waters are primary features due to their inclusion in the movie and its view of the small island of Thasia. You can swim in its cool waters, exploring the small caves that are speckled in-between the rocks. After too much swimming, you can refresh yourselves and relax at the local beach bar, which has many adapted areas open to visitors.

18:00 Departure from the beach towards Achilleo.

Finally, it’s time for our return voyage and time to rest a little, all while enjoying fresh fruit that we have on offer while sailing back. We now have North Euboia to our left and Artemisio, where the naval battle between Greeks and Persians took place in 480 BC took place. The most magical part of the cruise has arrived…. The sunset. The sun dipping into the open sea, the horizon bathed in an orange glow. Close to port, the party begins with all of you and the crew dancing Greek and foreign dances like one big, happy family to end the cruise on a pleasant note.

21:00 Arrival at the starting port of Achilleo.

The voyage has now come to an end, with unforgettable memories and experiences.

!!! Our cruises are never short on mirth, celebrations, song and dance.

    • On the ship, you will find a bar/food hall where you can purchase something to drink, such as coffee, soft drinks and water, as well as something to eat during the voyage.
    • Times of arrival and departure are only indicative and liable to half-hour deviations either way due to passenger delays, traffic in ports and weather conditions.
    • It is possible to arrange an excursion that combines the islands of Skopelos and Alonnisos. Discover the National Alonnisos Marine Park of the North Sporades Isles with its unique combination of terrestrial and aquatic Mediterranean ecosystems, all boasting hundreds of plant and animal species as well as important archeological and historic monuments.
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