Excursion to Pagasitikos

Excursion to Pagasitikos

The Pagasitic Bay is a relatively closed off and shallow sea formed between the Greek mainland and the Pilio peninsula. The Bay has a surface area of 175 meters squared and a maximum depth of about 102 meters. The entrance to the Bay, at only 4km in diameter, is limited to the south towards the Euboian Bay and the Aegean Sea, between the cape of Trikeri, Magnisia (to the east) and the cape of Stauros on the northeastern terrestrial strip of Fthiotida (to the west). Volos, built in the innermost point of the Pagasitic Bay and a hair’s breadth from the mountain of Pilio combines all of the sea’s charm with the mysterious beauty of the mountain of Centaurs. The homely city is connected to the infamous Argonauts, one of the most important epic poems of Greek mythology.
North and to the east of Volos, one might see Pilio, the lush mountain of legends and Centaurs, one of the most beautiful and attractive mountains of Greece. Its renowned villages are all labeled as traditional because of their exquisite natural scenery, their particular cultural heritage and their characteristic local architecture.

Our schedule for the Pagasitic bay excursion:

09:00 Departure from the scenic ports of Amaliapoli or Achilleio.

Thus begins our cruise, moving coast-to-coast and enjoying the beautiful mountain of Pilio, the very same one from Greek mythology that was the summer residence of the Gods and the home of the Centaurs.

11:00 First stop for a swim

We arrive at the breathtaking, quiet and deeply blue “Tzasteni” beach where it’s now time for you to explore its waters. While you’re enjoying your swim, your diving and games, we begin our preparation for lunch by grilling souvlakia and serving them alongside Greek salad and tzatziki. The excursion can be planned to either offer food on board the ship, or at the local taverns.

13:30 Departure from the beach.

We set sail for the old, scenic Trikeri island which can only be accessed by boat, but first, we’ll see the islet of “Prasouda” wherein proudly stands the monastery of Zoodochou Pigis, which is in the shape of a cruciform basilica with a dome, built in the 11th century. We will also explore one of the caves of the Pagasitic Bay. In the center of the islet is the monastery Iera Moni tis Panagias Euaggelistrias, which you can visit and walk along the pathways of the island among the olive trees. At the traditional harbor, you can enjoy Greek food with a view of the sea at the local traditional taverns.

15:30 Departure from the Isle of Trikeri.

After you’re enjoyed the small island in the middle of the Pagasitic, we begin our return voyage, but with a quick detour for free diving off the ship’s deck before the end of the cruise.

18:30 Arrival at Achilleio and end of the cruise.

The voyage has now come to an end, with unforgettable memories and experiences.

!!! Our cruises are never short on mirth, celebrations, song and dance.

    • On the ship, you will find a bar/food hall where you can purchase something to drink, such as coffee, soft drinks and water, as well as something to eat during the voyage.
    • Times of arrival and departure are only indicative and liable to half-hour deviations either way due to passenger delays, traffic in ports and weather conditions.
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