Excursion to Alonnisos

Excursion to Alonnisos

As we’ve mentioned before, there is the possibility of organizing an excursion covering Alonnisos and Skopelos, a one-day cruise exploring both of these two islands. We plan on following the same program as on the excursion to Skopelos when visiting the island of Alonnisos, after anchoring in the port of Patitiri. There is also the possibility of organizing a visit to the island’s capital city for our passengers, by means of transport arranged at the port. The program will be configured following communication via telephone.

Alonnisos is one of those Greek islands that lavishly offers you the perfect holiday spot if you wish to relax, breathing the Aegean air, surrounded by a thousand pictures of pure, natural beauty. The vibrant, lush vegetation that dominates all parts of Alonnisos, and its picturesque, pristine beaches, truly make this island heaven on earth. What’s more, in Alonnisos, in 1986, was founded the first Greek Marine Park, while the clear blue waters surrounding the island are home to the rare and endangered Mediterranean monk seal, “Monachus-Monachus”. Furthermore, you will also enjoy discovering a great variety of plants, birds and other animals.

Chora, or the Old Village, is the island’s capital city. It is worth taking the time to visit this small town to admire the astounding castle looming at the top of the hill and which, during the Middle Ages, protected Chora from hostile raids, and also to breathe in and enjoy a truly spectacular sunset.

The picturesque Patitiri, being both the port and capital city of the island, owes its name to the traditional wine presses (/patitiria/), since the time when viticulture constituted the main occupation and source of income for the locals. The port of Patitiri is now filled with a great variety of cafes, restaurants and fish taverns, where visitors can take a rest and enjoy their food and drinks while appreciating the dockland’s atmosphere. At the edge of the port, you will find a small beach with turquoise clear waters overlooked by steep pale-yellow rocks with scattered pine trees. We recommend visiting the Alonnisos Marine Museum as well, which you will also find by the edge of the port.

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