Greece is well known as one of the world’s favourite getaway destinations, with crystal blue seas and breathtaking landscapes and regions. The shores of the Pagasitic bays and the turquoise waters of the Norther Sporades are some of Greece’s sights that everyone should visit just to experience the magic and the beauty that they offer. They are located in one of central Greece’s most agriculturally productive regions, Thessaly. They are easily accessible from overseas due to the airport located near the city of Bolos. Bolos is also the main port for all sea route connections with the Sporades isles, as well as a popular choice for international cruise liners. From here, visiting many of Greece’s most popular tourist attractions, such as Athens, Delfi, Thessaloniki and Meteora is simple and easy. Amaliapoli is a beautiful seaside village about 60km south of the city of Bolos accessible via the National Autoroute. From its small, scenic port, ELISABET cruise liners depart on their voyage around the peninsula of Pilio, the home of the legendary Centaurs from Greek mythology, and the Sporades isles with their turquoise waters.

With “Elisabet Cruises”, you’ll be able to experience moments of rest and relaxation the likes of which you’ve never experienced before on a cruise. Visitors from all over the world (not just European countries) and of all ages join in.
Our goal is that all passengers on our ships enjoy their stay and relax, and that they’re included in the atmosphere of fun, enjoying themselves, the sea, and the friendly atmosphere. While drinking in the idyllic scenery and the Greek sun on deck, you’ll experience moments of real mirth, with much song and dance. We’re certain that you will enjoy them as much as we will enjoy having you in our company. After all, what are vacations for if not rest and relaxation.

Come along one day, and you’ll definitely come again.


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