Our history

Our naval tradition starts from the Pagasitic Gulf of Volos, originally as fishermen, following the traditions of our parents and ancestors.

During the summer season, the fishing boat “Captain Panais”  turns into a touristic Kaïki; Konstantinos Dimitriou, better known to everyone as Tarzan, takes tourists visiting his village on sightseeing trips to the beautiful coastal areas of the Pelion peninsula, from the traditional islet of “Trikeri”, to the bay of “Nies” and the fishing village of “St. Kyriaki”. Sometimes braver groups organize more adventurous trips to the Sporades Islands looking for a way  to escape from daily routine.

Whilst these trips, while meeting the captains of bigger cruise ships, the desire was born to obtain a more professional ship for safer and comfortable navigation.

So in 1993 a wooden ship, hull-type Liberty, in use as anemotrata, was
purchased from Kavala. The ship was converted into a touristic cruiser with 78 pax capacity and Cpt. Kostas changed its name from “AMALIA” into “ELISABET”, the name of his spouse as tradition demands.

Expanding our limits little by little every season and due to the increasing demand for our excursions from Greece as well as from abroad, a second ship was acquired in 1997. This ship, with a capacity of 248, is the fundamental foundation of the ELISABET SHIPPING COMPANY.

Various other vessels followed: the Gramvoussa , the Premier or Elisabet III and the current fleet consists of the ELISABET II, the ELISABET-DIMITRA and the SOFIA STAR.

Keeping consistent with the course laid down since 1993, we try to offer the public an atmosphere of relaxation, joy and fun, hoping and knowing this tradition will be continued by the next generation………………


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